Employee Time Tracking

Employee Monitoring Software Sign Up Now Increase Your Firm Productivity And Protect Important Data You can monitor the performance of all your employees from a single panel, wherever they are in the world. With our advanced tracking application, you will be informed about the actions of your employees instantly. You can also ensure data protection […]

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance Sign Up Now GDPR Compliant Records Management With file tracking, USB memory management, E-mail tracking and Detail URL log recording in Perwatch, it can respond to most of the IT requirements that need to be applied due to GDPR with a single application. Thanks to the time-stamped database, it can meet your historical […]

IT Resource Management

IT Resource Management Sign Up Now We are aware that IT managers and teams get through tough jobs. Today, with the digitalization of every system in companies, the workload of IT managers is increasing day by day. Growing servers, operating system problems, security concerns, backup system and network topologies already occupy most of the day. […]

HR Management Tools

HR Management Tools Sign Up Now Verified Reports for HR Department The use of tools necessary to get employee tracking right has become almost essential for realistic productivity analysis. With the increase in remote working or hybrid working methods in companies, it has become increasingly difficult for the HR department to control productivity and make […]

WorkForce Management

WorkForce Management Sign Up Now Analyze, Increase Productivity and Efficiency with Realistic Data Perwatch allows you to detect unproductive time in your organization and identify applications and processes that reduce productivity. It provides you with a detailed analysis of your team’s individual performance and plays an important role in increasing productivity. You can monitor your […]