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GDPR Compliant Records Management

With file tracking, USB memory management, E-mail tracking and Detail URL log recording in Perwatch, it can respond to most of the IT requirements that need to be applied due to GDPR with a single application. Thanks to the time-stamped database, it can meet your historical log needs when needed, with detail logs that can be downloaded at any time.


Record Detailed Actions Within The Company And Review As Needed

Company managers need fast and continuous access to information. It is very important to get detailed usage data retrospectively in an investigation regarding an internal threat or, if requested by legal authorities. Being able to access the LOG records is very important for quick resolution of potential disputes or internal threats. Perwatch can offer you most of the raw logs you need at any time.

Detailed LOG Record

Perwatch can report detailed usage data as well as advanced time tracking features. All transactions and screen movements of the users can recorded and reviewed on a per-person basis. In an emergency, the required information found in a very short time with fast report filtering and it is made ready for examination in seconds.

Quick Report Generation

The data produced from the Perwatch raw log analysis system can sent to the customer’s e-mail address at any time. In this way, necessary information can be exported quickly. All raw log records are sent to the customer’s e-mail address in PDF format.

Detailed Security Analysis

Filtered and detected raw usage logs can be combined with Perwatch log tracking and SIEM analysis system. In this way, an undeniable chain of evidence regarding the action can be created. Let’s say you have detected a file copy operation with the Perwatch file movement tracking module. You can check whether there is a USB flash memory movement between these times, or whether there is a web upload process can detected instantly by looking at URL activities, header information or screenshots and you can get a realistic opinion about the result of the process. With Perwatch, you can prevent possible misunderstandings and facilitate the protection of internal information.

With our powerful modules, we protect important information while tracking productivity.

Perwatch started off with the goal of solving the productivity needs of many sectors. We create a safe, productive and profitable system for your company with our desktop, mobile, iot and image processing technologies. You can contact us for your special needs.

E-Mail Tracking

Take control of your company's email traffic. Track customer relations and measure communication quality.

File Activity Monitoring

Instant access to information such as file deletion, modification and moving on company computers and shares.

RAW Usage Logs

Together with time tracking, we offer raw usage times and provide early diagnosis of a possible risky situation.


Offline Recording

Even when there is no internet, we keep action logs and sync them later.

Evidence Collection

We collect evidence for events triggered by alarm rules and enable you to detect potential internal threats faster.

URL Monitoring

Access in detail the addresses and entry times of all entered websites inside and outside the company.

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