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With the widespread use of remote working, a difficult problem arose for both companies and personnel. Focus on the necessity of both collecting performance data and proving that the staff on the work gained importance. Perwatch here offers powerful features that can meet all your KPI needs.

Employee Performance Report

Measuring performance during working hours has gained much more importance today, as the competition between companies has increased. In order to increase operational efficiency and get KPI data necessary for workforce monitoring, Perwatch includes powerful features such as time tracking, detecting productive and useless time spent, and monthly overtime tracking. Perwatch becomes an important partner with its affordable solutions to help you choose the right team for your workforce and to detect potential performance drops early.

Employee Performance Report Map Software PERWATCH
Employee Performance Map Software
Performance Map

For HR managers, rapid and effective evaluation of personnel is of great importance. The larger the company, the longer the evaluation processes can take. We constantly listen to the needs of HR managers and aim to provide them with the data they need quickly. With the performance map, you have the chance to examine the entire performance of an employee during the week in a detailed way down to hours and in a simple interface with different performance parameters.

Automatic Reports

Using time correctly is very important for all managers. For this reason, it is vital for KPI evaluations that the reports automatically generated and easily delivered to the managers. Thanks to the automatic report rules in Perwatch, the desired type of reports automatically generated at certain time intervals and sent to the e-mail addresses of the managers. Thus, administrators save time by accessing important data quickly. This is exactly the purpose of our application. 🙂

Advanced Productivity Analysis

With our powerful modules, we protect important information while tracking productivity.

Perwatch started off with the goal of solving the productivity needs of many sectors. We create a safe, productive and profitable system for your company with our desktop, mobile, iot and image processing technologies. You can contact us for your special needs.

Detail Reports

Get instant productivity data for the entire company or just one employee.

Company Performance

Recognize potential performance problems early with the productivity health report created specifically for your company.

Performance Map

Easily track the performance ratios of your employees and your company with simple graphs.

Alert Rules

Get notified immediately when an action you have set is triggered and create automatic proof with screenshots.


Smart Productivity Categorization

We create more realistic productivity analyzes by creating individual or department-specific productivity rules.

Network Information

We provide you with the IP information of the devices used and enable you to solve possible network problems faster.

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