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The most important issues for the manufacturing industry are the quality of the personnel, their compliance with the business processes, and their competencies. In our world, where today’s competitive conditions are increasing, the adaptation of the personnel to the processes has become very important in order to catch up with the speed and quality in production with digitalization. Perwatch offers an advanced personnel analysis system that combines many metrics for the manufacturing industry with its advanced tracking structure. While designing with Perwatch, it becomes very easy to protect data and take productivity analysis.

Accurate Time Tracking with Shift Manager

Working hours in production facilities can change rapidly according to needs. For this reason, sometimes there may be more than one shift. While some of the employees work during the day, another shift may work into the night. With the Perwatch shift tracking system, your personnel are evaluated in accordance with the shift. Perwatch offers you the most necessary tools to optimize productivity at an affordable cost.

Active File Tracking

It is very important to focus on the manufacturing sector. Determining the time spent by the personnel on the project or file during the working time is as important as determining the application used. With Perwatch active content control, it can detect the files that are actively working on CAD / CAM applications and determine how much time the employee spends on the file. Thus, it can be determined how much time the employee actually spent on which project.

Intellectual Property Rights Protection

The first rule of protecting competition and firm value in the manufacturing sector is knowing the ways to protect intellectual property rights. Perwatch design can protect and detect issues such as leaking important data, such as customer lists or business plans. In case of a possible internal threat, you can create the first line of defense with Perwatch to control e-mail traffic, control USB memory sticks, and instantly control file movements and prevent internal threats from growing.

With our powerful modules, we protect important information while tracking productivity.

Perwatch started off with the goal of solving the productivity needs of many sectors. We create a safe, productive and profitable system for your company with our desktop, mobile, iot and image processing technologies. You can contact us for your special needs.

Shift Management

Set your employees' time schedules and track only during working hours.

Employee Monitoring

​​See detailed activity reports of your employees and instantly access reports on their productivity.

E-Mail Tracking

Take control of your company's email traffic. Track customer relations and measure communication quality.

USB Memory Control

Monitor, block or allow USB sticks inserted into computers in your company.

Computer Power Management

Remotely shut down, restart, or log off your computers.

Automatic ScreenShots

Access both the process and the screenshot with automatic screenshots linked to events.

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