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Employee Tracking System for Government Institutions

Determining the service quality of government departments and municipalities and quickly solving possible performance deficiencies has become much easier with today’s technologies. With the adaptation of digitalization in the service sector, it is now easier for municipalities to track important files and measure the time spent by civil servants.

Time Tracking

It is a very difficult process to monitor productivity in crowded government institutions, and digital tools offer easy and inexpensive solutions to make this process faster and healthier. With the Perwatch Activity Tracking feature, we measure the quality of the time spent in front of the computer during working hours and produce solutions for the productivity monitoring needs of government institutions.

Monitoring of Tender Files

It is very important to monitor the tender files instantly and to record their access to the files instantly in order to avoid undesirable situations in public tenders. With the Perwatch file tracking feature, you can monitor the accesses of the files instantly, and you can review historically who did the operations such as deleting, changing, copying, and when. With the warning rules, you can learn about possible risky transactions instantly and prevent potential problems from growing.

With our powerful modules, we protect important information while tracking productivity.

Perwatch started off with the goal of solving the productivity needs of many sectors. We create a safe, productive and profitable system for your company with our desktop, mobile, iot and image processing technologies. You can contact us for your special needs.

Productivity Analysis

Your employees' productivity status is reported to you instantly or at certain time intervals.

Shift Management

Set your employees' time schedules and track only during working hours.

Employee Monitoring

​​See detailed activity reports of your employees and instantly access reports on their productivity.

Time Tracking

See what activities your staff spend their working hours on. Track productivity with smart analytics.


Video Recording

Watch events at any time interval with live video recording. Prevent possible risky actions before they grow.

File Activity Monitoring

Instant access to information such as file deletion, modification and moving on company computers and shares.

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