For the Law and Consultancy Sector
Productivity Increase and Information Protection System

Different needs arose for law firms and consultancy centers with rapidly increasing number of employees. With the increase in the number of employees, the need for data security and the necessity of keeping important data within the company have become more important. With the increase in remote working systems, it has become a necessity to ensure the security of information systems and to analyze the performance of the workforce.

Advanced Workforce Tracking Software

With Perwatch advanced workforce tracking systems, you can measure and analyze the performance of both in-office and out-of-office personnel. Perwatch monitors the working files instantly and measures who works with which document and how much. It offers both partial and planned shift systems with attendance tracking and scoring system.

Instant File Activity Tracking System

Law and Consultancy sectors are the business lines where it is necessary to create documents intensively. Keeping track of too many documents and ensuring their security becomes a very difficult and compelling process for the company after a while. With the Perwatch file tracking system, you can check the instant status of all the documents created and worked on by the personnel. Risky activities such as deletions, modifications, moving and copying in the file are instantly detected and notified to the authorized person through the warning system, and evidence regarding the action collected.

Creating Proof of Work

Today, most of the workload of employees is solved in front of the computer. Studies show that white-collar employees spend 72% of their time in front of the computer. In today’s world, where almost all work is done on the computer, computer activity tracking has gained an important place in productivity analysis. Perwatch generates productivity reports by analyzing the activities of employees during working hours. It informs you who focused on work in your team with automatic reports.

USB Memory Control

Documents are indispensable for the Law and Consultancy industry today. Unfortunately, the intellectual property that is the easiest to leak due to its size also kept in these files. Preventing possible data leaks is a very difficult and costly process today. USB sticks are the point where data loss occurs the most with 34% in possible internal threat risks. With the Perwatch Usb Memory Control system, you can get the reports of the USB memory sticks in your company and you can either completely ban them or make them read only. With Perwatch, you also get a cost-effective data protection system.

  • Enterprise-specific productivity analysis
  • Measurement of document and file access movements
  • USB memory monitoring and management
  • Shift and payroll management
  • Create proof of work
  • Advanced event tracking

With our powerful modules, we protect important information while tracking productivity.

Perwatch started off with the goal of solving the productivity needs of many sectors. We create a safe, productive and profitable system for your company with our desktop, mobile, iot and image processing technologies. You can contact us for your special needs.

Time Tracking

See what activities your staff spend their working hours on. Track productivity with smart analytics.

E-Mail Tracking

Take control of your company's email traffic. Track customer relations and measure communication quality.

Automatic ScreenShots

Access both the process and the screenshot with automatic screenshots linked to events.

Alert Rules

Get notified immediately when an action you have set is triggered and create automatic proof with screenshots.

Detail Reports

Get instant productivity data for the entire company or just one employee.

File Activity Monitoring

Instant access to information such as file deletion, modification and moving on company computers and shares.

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