Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Definition

It contains the rules on how and how Perwatch application collects the information it collects from its users, and how it stores and shares this information with whom.


Perwatch attaches great importance to the information security of its users. It takes the security of the data uploaded to it seriously and takes the necessary measures to prevent this information from being accessed by unauthorized persons. The customer’s data belongs to the customer. Perwatch does not sell personal data to others. However, with the sale and transfer of the company as Perwatch, this information may be transferred to the new owner of the company. Perwatch is a corporate application and is not suitable for personal use. It cannot be used without the consent of individuals and cannot be installed on personal computers for this purpose.

Information We Collect

By using the Perwatch application, it can collect various information that can be identified as an individual. Users’ title information is collected along with their internet activities and program usage times. Usb memory movement movements, used documents, operations performed on a file (creation, deletion, modification, moving, copying), on the other hand, mail activities, screenshots and live computer screenshots can be collected in upper perwatch packages. These contents can be determined by the company’s data controller and the data collection of some services can be stopped by turning off the desired features. Within the scope of Perwatch, we use cookies through our website. Thanks to the cookie, we use how you use our website and which service is used for product development purposes. Perwatch is an analysis and performance measurement application. Therefore, it DOES NOT accommodate data collection forms such as keystroke movements, image capture from webcams, and audio recording from microphones. However, the data collected may contain data that fall under the definition of personal data. When Perwatch is first installed, it only knows the session name of the computer and matches this collected data with the session name only. The data controller (ie the user) can enter personnel information in this session content, so that the data set created for the sessions can be matched with the personnel. For this reason, determining the person to whom the collected data will be processed is a process to be performed by the data controller. In this way, Perwatch does not directly associate this information with the individual. Relationship definitions are defined by the customer and the collected data can be anonymized by removing the definitions by the customer at any time.

How do we use it?

Perwatch may use and process the information it collects through the application and website for product development and analysis. Again, this information can be used to reach the Users about the products and services offered by the other contracted solution partners and to inform the users about the products and services in question. In addition, this information collected through the Perwatch application can be used to increase site efficiency and strengthen relations with its Users under the scope of R&D, marketing, advertising and sales.

Disclosure and Sharing of Information

Perwatch may share the information it collects from its users with other reliable solution partners for the purposes mentioned above. If there is a situation where the data needs to be shared with 3rd party persons or partners, the data can be shared by making it anonymous (ie by removing the personal data quality). Perwatch may transfer all data collected from users in sales, transfer and delivery transactions that may arise as a result of any change in the company structure.

Protection of Information Integrity

Perwatch does its best to keep the data it collects safe. Data is deleted periodically (depending on the customer’s license package). In this way, the risk level is reduced by destroying the data that may create unnecessary risk at regular intervals. All kinds of information belonging to our users in our data centers are protected by high security measures. Although Perwatch does its best and uses industry standards for the protection of information integrity, there is a low chance that this data will be intercepted by high-level attackers and all parties should be aware of such a risk. Even if the data is captured, this data can eventually be deciphered by the attackers. Perwatch and its partners will not accept any responsibility for exposed data in such a case. Persons and institutions using the application will be deemed to have accepted this in advance.


You can find answers to your questions on our FAQ page.

You can send any questions about our Privacy Policy from the Perwatch contact page. Perwatch reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy from time to time.

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